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"If you need any roofing services, repair or replacement, give Keith a call! Keith and his team were able to get out quickly to the property for a bid and got us scheduled immediately. His customer service and dedication is second to none! We will continue to use Keith and his teams services and recommend him to anybody we know with roofing problems!"

~ Cody

"My family and I have been using Keith Roofing since the late 80s. They've been consistent in their quality and craftsmanship. We wouldn't know what to do without them."

~ J.D.

"I just finished building my second home with Keith Roofing and I know they're going to be the folks I get in touch with for my third, they've always been on time in delivery and their prices are very competetive."

~ Luke

"I've known Keith for a long time and our friendship began back when he helped me with a terrible leak in the Winter of 07. Him and his team came out got it taken care of in a timely fashion. Never had a problem since."

~ Monte

"I normally do plenty of handiwork on my own but just this past spring I injured myself curling so I couldn't get up to the roof to investigate a leak. Luckily I have Keith on speed dial for situations like this, he diagnosed the issue got it patched up and fixed in a timely manner and in the meantime I can rest! Thank's Keith!"

~ Tim

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