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We here at Keith Roofing are always striving to provide better products and services for our customers. We are never sitting still and are always on the lookout for solutions to make us efficient and cost effective for our customers. As with most home services, technology is ever changing in the roofing and siding industry as well. With that being said...

Drone Technology has dramatically increased the efficiency and accuracy of our estimating process.

We deploy the latest in drone technology in conjunction with the iRoofing estimating app to provide you with estimates that is accurate to the penny.

No longer do we need to break out the ladders to go up on your roof and take measurements. This technology allows us to create quotes and estimates within minutes not days. You are ready for a new roof or repairs and we are ready to get started!


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a company with over 40 years of Montana roofing experience and is licensed and insured. Keith Roofing will be by your side to tackle your home repair services. We are committed to getting the job done as efficiently as possible and are dedicated to always ensuring the safety of the workplace.